Frequently asked


How does SweatNow work?

SweatNow is a FREE fitness reservation app. The app makes it simple and easy for fitness enthusiasts to find and follow their favorite fitness professionals. As a user, the app allows you to see all the different formats your favorite trainers teach in various gyms near you. If you want to take one of these classes, simply pay the walk-in fee directly through SweatNow and go sweat!

What if I am not a member of that gym and i want to take a class ?

This is the beauty of SweatNow! You don’t have to be tied down with a year-long membership to any gym. SweatNow gives you the power to take any class in any gym by simply paying the fee listed for that class. We take care of the rest

What if I am a member of that gym? Iam free to take any classes, why do i need SweatNow ?

That’s great! If you’re a member of a gym it doesn’t cost you anything to let the instructor know you will be attending class. In fact, we encourage you to notify your instructor so you can stay connected! If there are any class changes or subs, you will be among the first notified with real-time notifications.

What makes this app different from Class Pass (or similar) ?

SweatNow has no limits! The app is free to download and free to use. Unlike ClassPass or other services out there, SweatNow has NO monthly membership fee. You only pay for the classes you want to take.

How does it work ?

You can search for fitness classes by name, duration, location, and intensity

Is it really free ?

Yes. SweatNow is FREE to join, FREE to use. Only pay the cost of the class.

If I sign up through the app and the class is already filled at the gym, what happen ?

The gym will make every effort to accommodate you but SweatNow can NOT guarantee your spot.

Do I have to be a member of SweatNow ?

You automatically become a member when you join. It’s totally free.

Trainer Questions

How do I get ratings ?

Everyone who takes your class will get a notification immediately after a session to rate the class based on Class, Facility Experience, & Instructor

How do I upload my schedule ?

To upload schedule you must create classes. Follow these steps to create classes: 1-Create a format, use as many adjectives that best describe the workout 2-Upload your picture and video 3-Once you create a format, you must create a class using that format.

How do I get a trainer profile ?

When you first download the app, you are asked if you’re a fitness professional or a fitness enthusiasts. Make sure to select Fitness Professional. If you make the wrong selection, go to Settings located under profile. Select Edit profile and and select create your fitness professional profile

How do I create pop-up event ?

As a fitness professional, when you go to create a new format, you have the option to create a pop-up or recurring class, choose pop-up

How do I set capacity ?

We are partnering with more and more gyms every day! But until your gym is a SweatNow partner, your clients can only “notify you instructor.” Use best judgement. Sweat now does not guarantee any spots

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