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Discover Sweatnow

Discover SweatNow

The only fitness reservation app that gives you the freedom to follow your favorite TOP trainers and search for workouts based on location, time, and instructor.

Follow Your Trainer

Follow Your Trainer

SweatNow gives you the freedom and flexibility to workout with ANY fitness instructor, in ANY facility NEAR YOU!

Find Your Class

Select your location, the types of workouts, and SweatNow will show you all the classes near you in REAL-TIME with TOP-RATED instructors.

Free to download and free to use. You don't have to be a member of the gym to take a class. Simply pay the walk-in fee on the app and SweatNow takes care of the rest

Find Your Class
Instant Notifications

Instant notifications

Get INSTANT notifications from your trainers as soon as there's a class change or cancellation. You will be the first to know when your class is being subbed.

Exclusive Workshops

Be the first to find out about exclusive POP-UP classes and workshops near you hosted by your favorite FIT-PROS.

Exclusive Workshops

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Let the world know you are a Fitness Pro!

SweatNow for Instructors

Are you a Fitness Professional?

Boost your visibility, grow your network
& increase your revenue

Promote your schedule

SweatNow's consolidated platform will give clients access to your entire training schedule.

Generate Extra Revenue

Boost your visibility by hosting exclusive workshops and pop-up events.

Stay connected

Send REAL-TIME class changes and updates to all your clients within seconds!

Manage your account on Desktop

Monitor stats and manage class capacity, walk-ins, and notifications conveniently from your administrator portal.

Manage your Account on Desktop
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Let the world know you are a Fitness Pro!

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SweatNow for Gyms

Are you a Gym?

Boost your brand, drive new membership,
& understand your customers tastes.

Drive new membership

Reach new customers, convert walk-ins, and grow your bottom-line with SweatNow.

Powerful Analytics

See who’s coming to your classes and manage bookings all in one place.

Simplify scheduling

Oversee classes, trainers, workshops, and pop-up events easily within SweatNow.

Find subs and attract new trainers

Manage substitutions and attract top trainers to your gym by searching who’s on SweatNow.

Attract business travelers

Get them out of the hotel and into your gym!

No cap on earnings

Unlike ClassPass there is no cap on revenue you can bring in through SweatNow period.

Cloud-based admin portal

Create changes on the fly and see your data from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based admin portal

FitPros weigh in on the power of SweatNow

"I teach so many formats in multiple facilities, it's hard for my followers to keep up with my schedule. SweatNow is the solution trainers like me have been waiting for. I need one portal, one place, and SweatNow is the answer!"

Carrie Wightman

Cycling, Flywheel

"I love knowing ahead of time who's coming to my class. I customize the class with their needs and strengths in mind, I can send them messages and hold them accountable. I love that SweatNow helps me connect with my existing followers and allows new followers to find me!"

Melissa Bloom

Yoga, Circuit Training

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Our Founder

Fitness professionals everywhere are the inspiration to SweatNow! I built this app for all the passionate fitness professionals who are the heart and soul of the fitness industry.

SweatNow is the only Fitness Reservation App that connects fitness enthusiasts to professionals and keeps them connected!

Fueled with passion for health, as fitness professionals we want to motivate our clients to continuously set and surpass their fitness goals. We thrive on powering their fitness journey and keeping them on track.

I invite all fitness professionals to upload your calendar and tell your clients, “Follow me on SweatNow.” The app will do the rest!

Andrea Kozma
CEO SweatNow

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